member // band :: Lida // DACCO

completed :: July 2006

notes:: I made Lida a puppet as a gift to give to him at SDCC and was fortunate enough to be able to give it to him at dinner. Before I gave it to him I told him in Japanese it was a little strange - I think that might be the first time I've tried using Japanese with one of the PLC members and had them understand me XD; (Um, yay for pidgin Japanese.) Puppet Lida had a black dress shirt, lined blazer, and sunglasses with fur hair; I couldn't figure out the hat, but at least he had sunglasses! I think he liked it because he was playing with it, and having it make faces. I would give a million dollars for footage of that but what can you do.


I have no photos *sob* T_T I'm very stupid and didn't take any before I gave it to him.