character // series :: Iwakura Lain (Cyberia CD cover version) // Serial Experiments Lain

completed :: August 2002

debut:: AXNY 2002

Photo by:: Ziggy @ Divideby0

notes:: Notes :: Well, my brother wanted to do Lain's dad (Yasuo Iwakura). While I was researching for pics for him, I came across the images from the Cyberia CD, and figured, hey, I could make that. I knew he wasn't going to get recognized as Yasuo, so I thought maybe having a Lain would help. The hat is recognizable, even though it's only briefly in the series and then on this CD cover. If you look at the pic and then at my costume, I really went out of my way on this one for accuracy, as much as I could in like the week I did it in (while working on several other costumes). So anyway it's an ACCURATE ghetto costume, lol. I have rings on the right fingers, though not quite right. I have accurate shoes, though you can't see them. I did big hand stitches along the edges of the ears, like are in the pic. I was frustrated about the necklace and wound up cutting scrap leather and wrapping wire around it, lol, to get something like in the pic.

To be honest I really don't remember if we got recognized. I think like one guy actually realized it was from the Cyberia CD, and most people liked the hat (including the people on the subway). I'm fairly sure my brother is the only person ever to cosplay Lain's FATHER. XD

Anyway enough rambling about that. Screw it. This costume is worthwhile because of one thing - IT GOT A COMPLIMENT FROM YOKO KANNO. Okay, so all she said was "kawaii!" That's more than enough for me. This costume has the Yoko Kanno stamp of approval. ^____________________________^

AX notes: rewore Lain at AX for Yoshitoshi ABe panel. New shoes in a closer color (that fit), dyed the pants to be a bit more accurate, and pinned my hair in freaky ways so I had "bangs". Heheh. Still would like the pants to be darker, and to have a wig, but I've gotten a fair number of "nice Lain" comments. ^^