Cupcake Cupcakes

completed :: December 2014

type :: Rainbow vanilla cake; Buttercream frosting; rice paper and sugar accents

notes :: Less of a "why" than a "why not". William Shatner started calling Misha Collins "Cupcake" because of an apron he wore delivering coffee to the Hall H line at SDCC in 2014. I had this edible rice paper for some project (no idea), so I figured I'd use it to make Mishapocalypse cupcakes. I drew "Mishapocalypse" Misha on the rice paper with edible dye markers, and made kale leaves and his "Death to Normalcy" tag for accents. They are rainbow inside, though I failed to photograph that; it came out a bit muddy anyway since I did it myself rather than using a "rainbow" mix.