name :: Benedict Cuddlybat Batty Bat

completed :: February 2012

size :: ~10" tall, 14" wingspan (spread out)

materials :: Faux fur, velour knit, anti-pill fleece, safety eyes, acrylic and wool felt, wire

notes :: There's no way around working late into the night before a convention and your mind tends to wander to strange places. I quite adore the actor Benedict Cumberbatch (and his wonderful name). At the time it seemed hilarious to make a bat, put it in a scarf like his character on Sherlock, and then it would be "Benedict Cumberbat". I later changed it to "Benedict Cuddlybat", but anyway. There are certain challenges to putting a scarf on a bat which is essentially shaped like a potato. I've only made one more of these for sale, and hear it is very well loved by a young Sherlockian.