name :: Bedevilled Egg (WonderCon 2013 exclusive: Edition of 9, +Angel Chase)

completed :: March 2013

size :: ~4" tall

materials :: anti-pill fleece, wool felt, safety eyes, velour, embroidery floss, rubber cord, pipe cleaners, wire

notes :: An idea I toyed with before, but I was never sure about the execution. Finally did a sketch and ran with it. The construction is very difficult at this scale; most people assume, incorrectly, that smaller = easier. But it gets very fiddly once you go below a certain size, and "smaller" is not conducive to "complex". I do love the little dudes, though, and they can stand unsupported with a bit of patience. Somehow the devils came out looking like Mark Sheppard, so in my head they sound like he does - but on helium...