name :: Cookie Juggling Babo (for Uglycon @ Giant Robot)

completed :: June 2013

size :: Babo: ~17" tall (13" to top of head); Babo's bird: 4" tall, 9" wingspan

materials :: anti-pill fleece, faux fur, wool and acrylic felt, velour, velboa, handp=-painted safety eyes, wire

notes :: I was very excited to be invited to participate in the plush component of Uglycon, since I've been collecting them since before I'd heard of a "designer toy". I work more in 3D than the "flat" style of Uglydolls, so it was an interesting change to keep the characters recognizable while still using my own sensibility. I wanted to add an action component to my take on Babo, though the juggling effect works better on black! I couldn't pass up a chance to make Babo's bird as well. Originally he was going to be juggling his bird, too, but he was just too heavy! I expect he'll catch any fallen cookies instead...