character // game :: Ayane (costume 7) // Dead or Alive 2

completed :: February 2003

debut :: Katsucon 9 (2003)

Photo by:: Eurobeat King

notes:: :: This costume was pretty popular; yeah, yeah, make your cracks about miniskirts here. :P One guy asked if I'd play volleyball with him . . . lol. It has been out a few more times since the initial Katsucon; DoA is a much better known series now, even though the move to X-Box means that I haven't been able to play any of the new installments. :P I actually did cosplay Ayane because I love DoA2 and she's my favorite character.

I never got this costume to the point where it was fully accurate but I think it has the right impression. I did make the skirt from scratch; the shirt was just altered.