name :: Bed Worms (from Adventure Time)

completed :: December 2010

size :: 12" long, 5.5" tall when posed

materials :: Fleece, wool felt, safety eyes, embroidery floss, wire, magnets

notes :: Version 2 of the worms from Adventure Time (who have since made appearances in other episodes!), more accurate with a larger head and slight changes to the stripe width. Time-consuming little dudes, with 11 separate pieces to cut, 10 seams and a dart. A limited number of these have been for sale on Etsy, and no matter how many I could make, it wouldn't be enough. People are nuts for these guys; I thought it was just me! All credit to the fabulous designers on the show for that. I've also done :O and :D face worms, but don't have any good pics of those. The worm with crown was a special request. I'm also proud to say that 2 worms made with the special "v3 NFS" pattern are in the possession of Phil Rynda (character designer s1-3) and Pendleton Ward (creator).