character // series :: Guibu "Gieve"// Arslan Senki "Heroic Legend of Arislan"

completed :: July 2003

debut :: Anime Expo 2003

Photo by:: LLNN

notes :: Got the idea in my head to cosplay this when there was talk of a group. I bought some of the fabric back then, and had patterns lying around. I heard that Guibu's seiyuu was coming to AX, and since my other costumes had been abandoned I decided to finish him.

I got my first shot at fabric painting for this; all the stripes on the headscarf were masked off and done by hand. I also painted the feathers from white to a pale yellow, had no clue what to use so I tried watering down acrylic paint, which worked fairly well. I have painted feathers before, with watercolors and india ink (had to make an Indian headdress for school once). This is mostly the OAV 2-4 version of his costume, but the jewelry is based off OAV 1, because it was slightly more complex. I didn't use OAV 1 for the rest of the costume because I really didn't want to have to deal with the freaky metallic spiral trim on his gaunlets and boots (what the heck is that supposed to be?).

The costume isn't really completed; I need different boots, accurate pants, and a sword. I'd like to cut the wig to suit his hairstyle better, but I really can't do anything to it that will prevent me from using it for other costumes. I'll also be adding the beads on the headscarf, which I had done until I dropped them. -.- I'd like to redo the yellow scarves, because the fabric is too heavy and doesn't hang right. The pants, I got at a sporting goods store about two days before AX - an act of cosplay desperation. ^^; The boots were an utter disaster; after making a boot top that looked like a demented sock, I decided to try to paint them. Didn't work. If they hadn't stuck together in transit, I wouldn't have started out with anything but small cracks, but regardless the longer I wore them, the more paint became disinclined to stick to the leather.

I wore the feathers in the wrong place at AX; this is what happens when you don't bring reference pics along! I do still really wonder if Yao-san knew who I was cosplaying; he gave no indication if he did. Perhaps he noticed that I was late to his panel. ._.; (I'm like Guibu, he seems the fashionably late type, right?) But I was very surprised that a good number of people recognized this character, and they all seemed pleased to see someone cosplaying him (I got some hugs heheh). ^^