waking dead

Can you remember how long ago it was, a story from a different time
when your hope was ground beneath the heel of so many days just walking
Slow or fast
The rhythm of a familiar drummer marching to the future
Paler clone of yesterday
Feet so heavy an army of angels couldn't lift you high as heaven
So you keep on looking down
No sadness, but no beauty; doesn't matter
Just another one of the waking dead

used up and empty, better throw it away
stained and broken, nothing left to say
you tell yourself it's better
this is the only way
clip your wings, there's not far to fall
those stillborn dreams can go unnamed
there's always someone else to blame

Wish I could send you a storm to wash away and purify the dirt that clings
on every heart string, muddying the melody of life that tries to resonate
Even off key
Lyrics that don't quite rhyme slipping underneath the tune
A refrain that doesn't reach
Just the echo of a dream in the sharp alarm of morning
Pretend it doesn't bring you down so far
With no music you won't have to sing
Nothing matters
Keep on walking with the waking dead

in the darkness
in the quiet
do you stare into the mirror, asking for a reason
do you cry into the pillow, wanting a reply
when you think no one can hear
it carries
maybe it carries farther than you know
will you ever see the places you left your footsteps
even when you didn't care where they led
will you ever see the people who carry your words with them
so long after silence claimed them in your head
could you remember how to feel?

And still some days I wonder . . .
What color was your soul when you were born, below the black and white
a thousand little moments let you paint it? A cruel brush fading into forgetting how to laugh
Unforgiving, unforgiven
How many doors did you lock inside your head when you realized that
It wouldn't always go your way
Have you thrown away the key? The map of your broken heart forgot the traps you laid
No pain, without meaning; doesn't matter
Have you chosen if you make no choices
Just drowning in this waking death

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