variance of truth

A mask for a face
That gets burned by the sun
A game for a boy
That can’t stand on his own
This is the technicolor lie
How is it in your
Technicolor lie

Does it shut away
The light
Can it shut away
The day
How do you wake up
Thinking that
Each day will be your last
Can you close your eyes
On all your dreams
For one more chance
To live free of blame

How is it being a black hole
Even you cannot escape
Does it swallow all the pain
Or only swallow you
How is it being fantasy
Even to fool yourself
Does it keep you safe
Or only keep you small

You stole away your happiness
And traded it for smoke
Tattoo yourself with signs and marks
You cannot comprehend
Build a house of stories and twigs
You cannot dwell within
Does it hurt you when you see the light
Of someone else’s day
Does it only tear you up inside
When you see your face
Can you hide it under scars and skins
Can you keep it secret, sanctified
In your technicolor lie

How long can you live this way
As a technicolor lie
Before the mist burns away
In the light of the sun
You will fall from your high place above
Those wings are made of wax
They cannot bear you
Far from yourself
For long

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