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We're all indebted to the intrepid fans who take time out of their lives to translate and edit unliscenced works, with no remuneration for them. But sometimes they don't get things quite right . . . and sometimes the professional translators and subbers don't either! (We're slightly less indebted to them, since they have training and a salary.) This page is dedicated to the times the weird and wonderful world of language comes back to bite us on the @$$. I also want to say, my comments are meant to be playful, not insulting. I love you guys no matter what weird stuff I find in the translations. ^^

Want to submit a blooper? Go ahead! I prefer they not be from Hong Kong bootlegs unless they're REALLY funny, because if I started chronicling the mistakes in those, I'd be at it forever.

:: "Isn't this a cementary?!" - Manta, Shaman King, v. 5 ch. 39 - Well, I suppose some of the tombstones MIGHT be cement . . .
:: "I won't let me bones brake." - Faust, Shaman King, v. 5, ch 42 - Typo + substitution = pirate in a car? *shrug*
:: "She had an incurable decease." - Faust, Shaman King, v 6 ch 45 - Being deceased is *usually* incurable . . .
:: "That laid off Yoh is crying?!" - Silver Wing, Shaman King, v 6 ch 46 - Gee, I didn't know he HAD a job.
:: "I think you're overacting . . ." - Some chick, Vampire Princess Miyu TV, ep 3 "The Forest Calls" - Yeah, that too . . . but they meant "overreacting" (commercial sub, Tokyopop release)
:: "That's a considerate oversoul." - Youmei to Yoh, Shaman King, v 6 ch 52 - I suppose it could be, since Tamao's oversoul is . . . uh, yeah. You know.
:: "You are rude like hell, Miss!" - Sewer Evil King to Rosalyn, Okage : Shadow King (video game) - It's not wrong, it's just WEIRD . . .
:: "I didn't come all the way here to meet such a puny popcorn poky one!" - Rosalyn to Sewer Evil King, Okage : Shadow King (video game) - I don't know what the heck the translators were smoking when they did this scene. But if this IS what the original Japanese said, I'd like to have it in my little phrase book (alongside "This rod will be your doom!" from Soul Calibur).
:: ". . . I sliced his neck off and lynched him to death!" - Father Anderson to Integra Hellsing, Hellsing, v1 ch 6 - . . . nani? oO

:: "Ahh, Saga-san, how fancy meeting you here!" - Greta, Chitchana Yukitsukai Sugar, ep 1 - crossed wires strike! You have to see this though, it's much funnier when this actually comes up on screen.
:: "You're the same vampire as me, and yet --" - Minister Evil (can't recall name), Hellsing, ep 1 - So he's committing suicide, then. Intriguing argument . . . (until Alucard shoots him.)
:: "She's the perfection!" - Red Tiger, Samurai Deeper Kyo, chapter 16 (v3 ch1) - All your girlfriend are belong to us! But it doesn't matter, cause dammit, Red Tiger is COOL.
:: "You da man Yoh!" - (apparently) Amidamaru, Shaman King, chapter 59 - You know, there's liberties, and then there's LIBERTIES. I'm still not sure if it's one of Silver's spirits saying this, which is not really any more appropriate, but it seems to be Amidamaru - the 600-year-old samurai. Samurai do NOT say "you da man". Did you ever hear Toshihiro Mifune say "you da man"? *shakes head at the funktification*
:: "You honcho ass!" - Yoh to Ren, Shaman King, ch 63 - I'm not sure if this is a blooper . . . because I don't know WHAT THE HELL THAT MEANS. Maybe it was supposed to be like, smart-ass? It boggles the mind . . .
:: "So, katana is way to go Samurai!" - Manta, Shaman King, ep 4 - I was already calling this sub "No Need For Pronouns!", but this is so far from being coherent I don't know WHAT went wrong . . .
:: "Ryuu's Big Brother's regent hair was cut again . . ." - Manta, Shaman King, ch 50 - Manta starts calling Ryuu "big brother", and there seems to have been some resulting confusion for the translator . . .

:: ". . . or someone comes to remove the blade from his hearth . . . " - (rest of line omitted to prevent spoilage) Kurai (?), Angel Sanctuary, v 4 ch 4 - In keeping with the translation - "euh . . ." I didn't know he was a fireplace . . . *throws wood on him*
:: "I heard he is in a crush." - Random student, Bonbonzaka Koukou Engeki-bu v1 ch1 - Sounds like the guy's in a headlock . . . though given the effect, that's not too inaccurate.
:: "You are forever wonderful dream!" - Drama club prez Dudashi, Bonbonzaka Koukou Engeki-bu v1 ch1 - Somebody's been listening to too much j-pop. (It'd be perfect for that! Makes me want to write a song!)
:: "In the battle of Skigahara, he tortured the troops of Tokugawa till the last moment . . ." - random guy (Genjiro?), Samurai Deeper Kyo v3 ch8 - I know it's just a typo, but if you know anything about the battle of SEkigahara, it's really hilarious to see it mispelled as "Ski". *dies laughing picturing snow bunny samurai*
:: "I have the impression we'll see ourselves again in Edo." - Samura Deeper Kyo, v3 ch8, Genjiro - I know Kyoshiro has a multiple-personality issue going on, but that doesn't explain Genjiro . . .
:: ". . . your hair, which is like the silvery strings of constellations that the gods have spunned." - Mad Hatter, Angel Sanctuary, v6 ch5 - Well, A) AS is based on the Christian worldview, which means - godS?! and B) spunned? Is that like "spurned"? Is it what happens when you spin in circles for too long? (EG - "ACK! I'm spunned!" *falls over*)
:: "And that sword is really belongs to Miss Cleao." - Dortin, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, ep 13 - And in a commercial sub! Tsk, tsk, ADV. . .
:: "And if they make a fuss, I'll throw a pillow and kill them during a high-school field trip!" - Volcan, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, ep 13 - I know that they don't really go over the translations too much when they do the subs, since they choose to be literal and avoid "dubtitles". BUT. WTF?!! I thought I was tired and read it wrong, and had to back up twice before I was sure that was REALLY what it said. Volcan has a habit of making strange threats, but I feel like something's lost in the translation here . . . like the translator's mind . . . (I think (s)he must have been playing Okage.)
:: ". . . When I've been tutoring your studies everyday?" - Azalie, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, ep 13 - Aside from the fact that Azalie is tutoring the studies and not Orphen, according to this sentence, but I'd like to say that "everyday" is only a word if you're the Dave Matthews Band. Sadly, I'm not including ALL the oddities I found in episode thirteen. Was this "let's go to Hooter's and have the interns do the work" day at ADV? (Yes, I may have just given them an idea.)

:: ". . . with a mountain gorrilla's, this one is a commodore dragon." - Omi, Weiss Kreuz, ep 8 (rest of line omitted to avoid spoilers) - Ooh, more commercial sub weirdness. Um. WTF is a commodore dragon, guys? I know Omi says "Komodo" kinda weird, but . . . geez, get the Discovery Channel already.
:: "When his script became mussing . . ." - Sanzo, Saiyuki, ch 1 (Manga City translation) - It seems their script is kind of mussed, too . . . It IS only one letter different, though.
:: "Doesn't this temple ever get raided by youkai?" "Yes! Of course not!" - Hakkai and You, in that order, Saiyuki v1 ch4 - it's . . . um . . . a bit contradictory! lol. (Though that was likely what it said in the Japanese.)
:: ". . . If it lasted this long, it'll make you depressing, Koryu." - Komyou Sanzo, Saiyuki v2 ch 10 - *grin* I love this kind of accident. XD Koryu may seem depressed, but it's hardly nice to say he's making others sad, too! (Incidentally, they translate it as "Kouryu Sanzo". Oo This doesn't make sense to me, sure sounds like "Komyou" in the anime; but if I'm wrong, someone do correct me.)
:: "The foot ground's horrible!" - Goku, Saiyuki v2 ch 11 - . . . if I knew what that was, I might be worried. ^^; (I think they meant "footing".)
:: "Yup, so you should feel the shame of the feeling of shame making you give up and in this case, after they kept on looking for it and when they didn't find it, they came to the conclusion that it doesn't exist. That's it." - Kurim, .hack//SIGN ep 9 (Uta Fansubs) - Okay, so admittely .hack doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense anyway. But . . . wow. o_@ (BTW - I got this one a while ago; I do own liscensed .hack. With hexagonal wacky box!)
:: "Since a year ago, the desertification process has suddenly sped up" - random guy, Saiyuki v5 ch28 - it's not really a blooper, but under what circumstances would "desertification" be an actual word? XD (But hey, give it a shot in Scrabble! Maybe no one will know!)
:: "I just want the truth that can be seen with eyes" - Nii Jyen-ii, Saiyuki v5 ch28 - As opposed to the truth that can be seen with . . . knees?
:: "A heroin victim, Yamada Hiroko, 22 years old!" - Hiroko, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu ep8 - it's funny how one little "e" can make all the difference ^^;;;
:: "He said it's better to go at night, adamantly it's easier for them." - Hale, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu ep 9 - o_O I'm pretty sure that the only word that makes sense there is "evidently". lol. Thought I misread this the first time and backed it up.
:: "You're just sprouting nonsense as usual." - Heimdall, Matantei Loki Ragnarok ep 21 (Xenon) - no comment. lol.
:: "All walk like a Virginia fence except for you." - Gojyo, Saiyuki episode 38 (Fleeting Vision), Chinese bootleg sub - well I have NO idea what the Japanese they were trying to translate said. But this is just too random to not put in, though it is not technically an error in translation or typsetting. I had guessed at the intended meaning on the basis of the context; but managed to find this phrase on a site about speech in the Civil War. "Walking like a Virginia fence" means "to be drunk". Frankly I didn't know this about fences in Virginia!
:: "I, HaRmel, the son of Demono King Castrate!" - Violinist of Hameln - courtesy of Lone Wolf. Apparenly the line should be "I, Hamel, the song of Demon King Kestra".

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