this broken symphony

Strange to see your heart took root in sadness
After so much straining, striving for the sun
The hungry wolf of doubt crouched outside your door will not let you pass
One more breath to blow you down
Brick by brick, slow-motion slowdown fall into an empty sky

So long drinking water from a poison well
Wasting honest smiles that were bound to be betrayed
Finally to be left standing empty-handed, anger coiled in your fist
Tied up with regret and speechless
Piece by piece, pressure crushing belief like diamonds backwards into dust

Looking up, where have you been?
Lost your place among these worthless pages, a manual of vanity
Looking back, where have you gone?
Lost yourself in the memories that stain you, a map to nowhere
Corralled by dead end signposts until you can't see where the road might lead from here

But every step can only carry you forward through
Your life
This broken symphony
A one-man orchestra playing on even when you don't care
Each day moves you farther
Though on so many you still trip over the scars
Deaf to the music, drowned out by the noise of lamenting all the past's futures gone unsung
Until one day, once again, somehow
Your melody will ring out clear
A much stronger refrain
So sing out loud
Fractured though you are
Defective as we are
Even a broken symphony shouldn't stay in silence

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