strange stars

They say I was born beneath
Strange stars
I have been lost among my
Strange days
And I have wandered searching
Strange faces
To catch a glimpse of you, catch ahold
Of you

Now I am swept away by
Strange nights
And I am waiting in this
Strange land
Where the sun sets in a
Strange way
Yes, as it goes I feel life
Fade away

But from the sky there blew a
Strange wind
And from the darkness came this
Strange light
When I awoke beneath your
Strange eyes
They told me what I know you might
Never say

Now in the night you call out
Strange names
From days when you slept under
Strange skies
You think no one can know your
Strange heart
But I still see you when you
Turn away

Take my hand
Together we can
Walk this new path
Look in my eyes
And try to see
The person that I
Know still sleeps inside
When you gaze at
Me I feel that I
Have nothing left to hide

For we were born under
Strange stars
We owe this gentle faith to
Strange gods
And when I'm caught up in these
Strange dreams
Please know they will always be
Of you

If we were born under such
Strange stars
Then let us cast our boat on
Strange seas
And if we take the true course
Strange winds
Will carry us away, carry us to
Far shores

So lay your head
upon the pillow of my arm
Just rest in knowing that
your heart is safe with me
Tomorrow maybe there
will be a braver day
We will take it all
together, you and I

For we were born under
Strange stars
And though our roads have taken
Strange turns
I know that in the end there's a
Strange place
Where I will see your face again

We will someday be together, you and I
We will someday sleep together under the
Same stars
The same stars . . .

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