where the sadness and I are strangers

falling leaves
one by one
blown carelessly and without direction
one after the other,

and then I'm drowning
screaming in a room with a ceiling
but no walls
like a stone cast into a well
with no last depth
to stop it

formless, desperate
shadows and desires
echoes and dreams
damned by their graces
and ungraspable
all of it
wandering in mazes with no exit
reaching for words that escape
like startled birds
rhymeless and unsung
the same words that have always been there,
suspended, caught, trapped
under glass
never free

I want to sleep
Just once
in the embrace of forgetting
and silence
where the words and I
where the dreams and shadows and I
are free of each other.
Where the sadness and I
are strangers . . .

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