shake off the shadow

drop your gaze
but there's a shadow of your sorrow there
in the way you cast off your cigarette
burning like a falling star
until it gutters on the floor
lost in your own oblivion
waiting for the words to find you

can't shake it off
you're such a waste
never seeing the world as it is
can't shake you off
I'm such a waste
never knowing better
and every breath I spend on it
is such a waste

outside the window
is a sky that opens to infinity
behind the light of the city
but you can't see it
when you're dreaming with your eyes wide open
mourning the sadness you've never owned
waiting for the pain to leave you

can't shake it off
feeling there's no point
in reaching towards tomorrow
can't shake this off
I'm just a waste
wishing for something else
and every tear I shed for it
is such a waste

the sun is laughing
through broken fingers of the trees
the storm clouds that follow you
are too petty to even fight back
go back to a place that you felt safe and whole
where you were sane for one split second
and the way was clear

I remember that place
shuffling off the fear
and one true song
was ringing in my ear
tell me where it is
if you find it

can't shake it off
just wasting time
burning forever till the cigarette dies
shake off the ash
eternity's wasted
if you drop your gaze
so hold me close if nothing else
at least we won't waste
away alone

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