Try to make my way upstream in the downstream river
Following your stranger angle
Feet never touching pavement, clouds drifting through your eyes
And storms on your horizon

These days you seem so weary of your love
Fending off the ebbing masses with such a gentle twist, practiced turn
As if it were an easy thing to brush aside the world
But I hear half of truth slipping out between the appeasing answers
Every fractured glance betrays a piece of your solitude

What sort of soul is hiding at the corners of your obligatory smile
Soft, sad, draped in the dreams of so many long nights?
Dark, frowning, tangled in the pain of all your long days?

Maybe one day we'll all hear the quiet strains of your heart
Your spirit singing out to a silent world, a fragmented melody
A record skipping on the scars
Playing on even with no one to care
Your life, a broken symphony
Raise our voices together, yeah
Maybe this world won't be so silent