the same world

Why do the winds not wail for you
Why does the sky not weep
How can the waves not strike the shore
Over the loss of you
How can the world remain the same
When it does not hold you?

All of the days begin again
All of the moments lost
All of the times I spent with you
I never knew it would pass.
But still the earth turns round the sun
Still the stars shining bright
All of the nights spent far away
Now can’t be taken back.

Why does my throat not scream for you
Why can I still not weep
How can my hands not strike the walls
Over the loss of you
How can I still remain the same
When I cannot hold you?

All of the dreams formed in our hearts
All of the days of haste
All of the words we spoke of love
Now it’s all gone and lost.
For still I dream of golden rings
And still the future shines
But it will never be the same
Since it does not hold you.

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