sad little girl

Sad little girl
Drowning in the shallows of her life
Forgotten attic-doll
Life outlasting love, what's a discarded soul to do
Sad little girl
Torn stocking and faded dress, half-closed eyes
Gave up on wanting to be held
Precious things are shattered easily, slicing shards of memory
At least the pain belongs to her
Sad little girl

Sad little girl
Curled up in the corner of her mind
Broken-limbed doll
Fallen down the stairs of doubt one too many times
Sad little girl
Doesn't believe in dreaming, lonely in her bower
Gave up waiting on her knight
Harsh words and violent turns made her a porcelain soldier
Wandering the battlefield of her loss

Sad little girl
What face is yours
Accident of emotion flashes truth, vanishes again
What to do with you
Beautiful flag in the storm
What could heal you
Words and mystery twisting in such wind
All I hear are
Echoes of a sad little girl

What could answer you?

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