random obscure wisdom

Comments: What you won't find in any fortune cookie (probably for good reason). I'll keep expanding it.

There’s nothing like the lack of a dial tone to lift your spirits.

Sometimes the sound in your headphones is a little too good.

You can’t read 10th century Japanese fiction while listening to Rage Against the Machine.

Bounty makes terrible Kleenex.

Planned spontaneity is a very good idea.

“I have a cricket in my shoe” is NOT a pick-up line. Really.

Grant me the strength to change what I can, and a willing ear to complain to about what I cannot.

The most dangerous thing in the world is a person who *knows* they’re right. With that surety they can justify anything they wish. Knowing you’re right is the same as having a God complex.

Always be suspicious of things that are easy.

If you spell it wrong, it's called Blam! (I find this hilarious. It's probably only funny to me.)

Some names make fun of *themselves*.

Everything is impossible if you never try.

You can't sneeze underwater. Do NOT try. (It really IS impossible.)

You can't be evil with a cold.

A watched file downloads anyway. (But it feels like longer.)

Taxi surfing - sure, it seems like a good idea at the time.

The truth usually sounds stupid the first time around.

If it's too cheap to be true, it probably is.

Maybe indecisiveness stems from being unable to admit that you've already chosen.

It takes a lot of Chinese characters to write "Sex Machineguns".

Never lower your standards so far that you can't limbo under them without falling down. (from Moo)

I thought I was crazy until I realized everybody was that way. (Unknown?)

If your noodle experience isn't worth another 14 cents you've given up on life. (from Booty)