misery is free

You tell me that you've never had it easy
You tell me you've never had a thing for free
The dream you follow vanishes with the rising sun
So you never know quite who to be

Those fragile treasures that you hold
They tarnish when you try to make them shine
All your precious things are lies you tell yourself
Because the truth takes too much time

I won't ask you why
You can't always carry a smile
I don't wonder why
You don't always hold your head up high
Because I know
Joy is an expensive thing but
Misery is free

Chase the horizon so you never arrive
Build a house of cards and blow it down
You'll never have to face a time when you're alone
If you always push the world away

I won't ask you why
You hide your heart away
And I won't wonder why
When you end the day with a sigh
I know
Laughter is an expensive thing
But misery is free

Still maybe one day you'll learn
That happiness is made by you
And nothing good is free

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