make the sadness beautiful

You left me here in silence
You left me asking why
You left me in the darkness
Without a match to light my way
You left me reaching out toward
A shadow drifting away

So now I can only try
To make the sadness beautiful

Every voice thatís echoing
Across a crowded room
Reminds me of the only one
Which I would give my
Everything to hear
All I want is gentle hands
To carry me back home
Clear eyes to lead me
To a safer place

But the only thing thatís left to me
Is to try and
Make the sadness beautiful


The sky is shattered
The towers topple
The remains of safety billow
Into the empty air
The only thing that’s left to me
Is sunset skies
and slowly rising stars
The memory of a dream I
Left behind me somewhere
Fading into fantasy

So now the only thing that’s left to do
Is to try and
Make the sadness meaningful

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