Brief Summary : After losing her last spare change behind a vending machine, a young woman accidentally falls into an alternate dimension, where she finds herself on the run from a love-sick emperor, a dark sorcerer, some over-enthusiastic adoring subjects/fans, and practically everyone else. Her only companion is a bishounen elf love slave with the universe’s worst sense of direction. It’s a fantasy action comedy about love gone awry, duties shirked, astounding incompetence, and the endless search for really good junk food. Plus absurdly powerful magic and the mysterious abundance of rocket launchers.

Hmm. Where to start. This series is very stupid. I like it. It's basically an immense parody, a chance for me to be randomly silly and idiotic. It's also part of a very odd little idea I had; there is a reason it's named Endless Tale, and not just because it's kinda similar to Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play). I don't know whether the Japanese is accurate, but there are a lot of Japanese series with silly English names so I figure it's okay. Anyway, the idea. It is supposed to be an Endless Tale. It's the manga equivalent of a MMORPG; I'm doing this core series with my characters, but most of the work will be establishing the world itself. Within that world there are on-arc and off-arc stories; other creators can follow a very simple set of rules that will (hopefully) generate a massive continuing story (an on-arc story), or they can do whatever the heck they want in an off-arc stories. The goal of the on-arc stories is to build a series that's the work of numerous creators, only loosely working together, each expanding on the mythology of the setting. In the off-arc stories, people have a chance to go totally wild in a fantasy setting premade for them to play around; they can have Star Trek yaoi with elves in there if they want.

Anyhow, probably none of that will happen. But meanwhile I'm writing this very dumb story about a very dumb character (well there are more to come, lol), just plain playing it for laughs, parodying as many series as humanly possible, not having to worry about being serious or imparting anything. It, along with Vigilante Fortunes, is one of the series I really want to do but have no time to write (and no one to draw it anyway).

Kagirinai Monogatari Scroll One Part One

Kagirinai Monogatari Scroll One Part Two

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