Wander the labyrinth
of your mind, give up on the future
Before the day begins
Lock yourself in the cage you’ve made
And after journeying so far together
I cannot reach you
Where you won’t let me go
You work so hard to make your nightmares real

the sun is shining bright today
pull down black curtains
maybe things could go right today
pull out the phone cord

and you hurt
when you burn your castle down
and you hurt
when you loose the beast
that you have summoned
and you hurt
but you turn away from
hands for helping
and I’m hurt

Gaze at tomorrow
In a cracked crystal ball
It only shows you the darkness that’s inside
Travelling in circles
Shattered hearts and broken glass
Pave the path you choose to follow
Turn the hourglass
Back into your own hands
Don’t blame your life on others’ words

Only silence answers
When you close your ears
The silence answers
The questions that you fear so well

and I’m hurt
that you still don’t trust me
and I’m hurt
that the truth is buried
six feet under
and I’m hurt
that you hold it all so cheap
you’d throw it away
so you could hurt . . .

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