gilded wings

tripping down the paving stones
raindrops slipping from your fingertips
where has the sun hid its shy face
drawn up in the cloak of yesterday's smoke rings
swallowed in the atmosphere

catch your breath
held in clasped hands
sparkle like a caged bird with gilded wings
fluttering heart drawn to the flame

oh, broken bird
where will you fly
if ever the skies open again
oh, shattered glass eye
turned inwards to darkness
can you hear the truth crying
where does it lie
calling for forgiveness

dreaming halfway to the dawn
dust from beyond the horizon in your eyes
where do the roads lead we've abandoned
rivers run down to the sea of passing by the wayside
lost in silent reverie

if you can't mend
I'd shoulder the burden you can't bear
if you can't make your way
I'd call down angels to fly you there
if you ask me

catch the morning
wrapped in hazy waking
glitter light scattered through the window panes
sun coming on to another day

oh, fearful bird
where will you fly
if ever you break free of clouds again
oh, bandage your wings
this darkness is a hollow egg
waiting to be broken by dawn
where does the day lead
no one can tell you

tripping down the paving stones
sunshowers dropping from your fingertips
when tomorrow shows its broad smile to you
you'll understand the things I can never know
whisper them to the atmosphere
like a prayer

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