fire in hand

ice in heart
and fire in hand
melt this world away
the dreaming just
to see another day

I want to
shut out the voices
keep one place that’s sacred so
I’ll fallAway
from me

fire in heart
and ice in hand
watch me burn away
break my only
promise if I’ll
yet see a brighter day

let me
let go of everything
let the candle be the flame
from you

there are arms to catch you
if you let them
there are words to lead you
if you listen

tune out the screaming
for just one moment and you’ll
from you

find peace in
taking chances
blow your fears away
swallow hard
the tears you can
make it through the pain

Just fallAway
Sorrow drifts away
Clear your clouded head
Hold empty heart in hand
Silence lives within
And for one instant, fallAway
And find some peace within.

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