even the stars have fallen

Text was used for a photopoem for my doll site.

what are we afraid of when we're alone
when the sweet release of darkness erases all the shadows of the day
erases all these shadows between us
is it moving too quickly? I feel so high I'm scared to look down
scared of falling, scared of losing you
though the night comes close around us like the embrace
of a lover, like the one I ache to give you
silencing the secrets that keep us apart
so close that we can share one breath but you're still so far away
pulled back by the tide of an uncharted ocean
memories that won't let go
but I won't let go
and you don't let go of me
hold me tighter; i'd drown for you, together
then somehow in that moment
the distance is extinguished
and all the lights of the world flicker with my heartbeat
your glow so close to me
and the heavens go dark
just one more moment, come closer to me
and I think in that instant
even the stars must have fallen for you
and every wish I ever made on them came true

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