other places I haunt :: news, randomness, Otaku Booty. I know they're awesome cause I write for them sometimes.

nemu nemu :: having the distinction of being essentially the only webcomic I always remember to read. Also done by a friend of mine. :: OH! Shameless plug for family. But it's a good site.

egg and soldier :: like food? Celebrate it.

rocklopedia fakebandica :: because you've always wanted a comprehensive listing of non-existant bands.

cute overload! :: the blog of cute.

how much is inside? :: actually been to this guy's site ages ago because of his metal wings. He tackles the really tough issues. He answers the questions the rest of us aren't bored enough to ask. And he does so in Swedish, too.

the infinite cat project :: it's either a total waste of time, or very existential. Hard to say. Cats looking at cats looking at cats . . .