these days imprisoned

wrapped around your finger and tied up in my head
I spend these days imprisoned by what I've never said
crucified on the cross you bear, stealing words before I spoke
I'm suffocating by degrees, your hands around my throat

casting lies like shining lures, drawing them all in
I spend these days imprisoned by what they've never seen
that guilt is a weapon, and doubt digs deeper than any hook
drowning in a shallow pool, letting you hold my head under

if you're the one drowning, well
you'll pull me down
before you call for help
If you say you're dying, well
the world's not ending
don't ask me to cry for you

and no one sees it
and no one knows
there's a knife at the back of your voice
pay back suffering in kind
measure for measure, your consolation
but I'm sick of doubting
and I'm sick of shame
and I'm not to blame
that you spend your days imprisoned

clumsy blows, blind strike at those who venture too close
all spend their days imprisoned by words that pass them by
truth, an escaping bird vanishing into dark rain clouds high above
reach out and push away, the same motion of cruelty and love

pain is a self-fulfilling prophecy, something sure and safe
you spend your days imprisoned by the life you've chosen
shadow of a soul, listen to the feedback of your memories
devoured in the darkness of retrospect, drag them all down
and you'll take us all down

if you're the one falling, well
you cut the cord
so someone would save you
if you're still crying, well
don't look to me
to dry your harsh eyes

and if you're drowning, well
you threw yourself in
for acting the part
so if you're left alone, well
you built your own cage
don't come crying to me
that you spend your days imprisoned

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