completed :: September 2005

debut :: Anime Expo 2006 (on me)

Photos by: me

notes:: When I was selected to work on the Fruits Basket fashion show, I wanted to bring something new in along with the outfits they'd already seen. I still don't consider it 100% done, I made some additions after the show and have a few more to make. This is all from scratch, no alterated existing garments. I thought of it like I was designing a costume for a female visual kei artist. The zippers at the shoulder are functional; the sleeves are removable (to make it easier to play, lol; I was thinking of a guitarist or bassist). The top is fully lined, in the skull print fabric. On the kimono I used velvet and pleather ribbon, two types of fabric, and there is also hand-beading and sequins. The theme of the outfit is skulls and butterflies; sort of an idea of juxtaposing death with rebirth.

This outfit was also shown as part of the Fruits Basket fashion show at the "Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits" conference @ MCAD.