completed :: April 2005

notes:: Officially this is the "Crazy Cheerios Lolita" after the name of the fabric I used, but I got in the habit of calling it the Crack Lolita (because that's what I figure I must have been on). I wanted to try doing lolita style totally over the top but I think in the end I failed, because people still thought it was cute. I was also trying to do gothic without using any "goth colors"; there is no black anywhere on the outfit and no "goth fabric" like vinyl.

EGA skull and crossbones hand applique in fleece and felt; four different types of trim; hearts on the upper and lower sleeve in studs. I made the crown and dreadfalls for the wig to match; dreadfalls are loose hair, yarn, Rexlace, pearls, and ribbon. I also wrote strange things all over the shoes.