articles of faith

stumble heavy feet, the battle not to fall
we're all carrying the dead
weight of all our memories
the uncounted thousand moments stretching back from now
pass before vision and draw unbidden veils across tomorrow
recurring dreams even waking
curse weakness, wanting to believe in
walking an unbroken line
to here from all our yesterdays
there's been so much interference and signals fracture into static
once held hope in talking but it was spoken to the atmosphere
even the indifferent echo fades

brokedown kingdom, soul-weary and worn
half-empty in the space between
the outlook and the glass
a drop of sadness overflows an ocean of mourning for the never was
Neptune of deep blue angles rules the ruins of conviction
still crowned even with resignation

these tides that pull us down - what moon keeps them rising?
what are the reasons to persist? against so much gravity
can we reach a higher place? find escape velocity

for living
for life
and all these other acts of faith
would you pledge with me a new religion
just believing that
there's still something to believe in
the possible we left behind
the sky that touched forever
even now it's still waiting
waiting for the faith to follow

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