Making a "Gripper Headthong" to Prevent Wig Slippage

Akio is a Shirou Tachibana, a headmold which has a smaller head circumference than an average Super Dollfie (Isao Nanjou is also a "small head" boy). I will skip the "small head" jokes because Akio's a sensitive type.

Akio: Am not.

Because of this, Akio basically swims in this Volks wig (his default wig is DD, Dollfie Dream, size).

Akio: Who turned out the lights?

But even if you don't have a small-headed doll, you've probably had difficulty with wigs that slip and slide around.

If they don't get into your doll's eyes, they drift too far up.

Akio: I think my hairline is receding o_O;

Of course, the problem is that a bare doll head is very smooth and there's nothing for the wig to grip.

Akio: Smooth as a baby's--

Akio, who's writing this tutorial?

Akio initially had "head velcro" - a square of adhesive velcro to grab onto the underside of wigs. But I found that often got caught in the fibers or the fabric of his clothes. On recommendation from DoA members, I switched to using rubber bands. But, these can be dirty, and I had trouble finding one in a good size for my MSD. Which is why I started brainstorming about other methods.

My mother suggested that I SEW a rubber band out of elastic for Malcolm, since I couldn't find a wide one small enough for him. I've had terrible trouble with his Volks wig sliding down over his eyes every time I move him! But the elastic alone wasn't enough.

So . . . I suddenly thought of the fur rug I bought at Wal-mart for a costume, which I had to cut the backing off of to get at the fur . . . and I came up with this. I can't tell you it will stop all your wig sliding problems, or your wig sizing problems, but it WILL make a difference and I do think it's better than rubber bands or velcro!

Here are the supplies you'll need -

~ Sewing machine

~ 3/8" elastic (seems to be a good size)

~ Rubber-dot gripping fabric - I don't know the technical term for this, but it's what you find on the bottom of footie pajamas. I cut mine from the back of a rug I purchased to cannibalize fur from. Fabric stores DO sell this stuff but you'll probably have to ask for it. (Just say you're looking for non-slip backing.) NOTE: Version 2.0 - I now use shelf liner for my headthongs, which works better (though it is thicker so if your wig is fairly snug, it won't fit underneath). It's not intended to be sewn through, but I have not had any trouble. See a picture of Shimmeringcat's G modeling her version!

~ Scissors

~ Pencil

~ Measuring tape

Take your elastic and wrap it around your doll's head. You want it to hit at about the place where I'm holding my elastic - it should go along the upper part of the head (you don't want the elastic to show later) and under the curve of the head in the back.

You can also measure your doll's head with the tape, but I find this to be faster. Precision is not critical to this step because elastic is . . . elastic.

Don't just drape the elastic around the head - you want to pull it slightly taut (but not tight) so that it will fit on snugly once it's sewn. This is about where you should make your cut. You want the elastic to have some overlap, but not too much.
Set your sewing machine for a zigzag stitch. Obviously I have an electronic model, but this is just to give you an idea what stitch to use if you're not familiar with it. You want to set your width fairly narrow since the elastic is not wide. You can use a strip of test fabric to test it.
Now to slide your elastic under the presser foot. You're making a circle here, obviously; make sure that you don't get a twist in the elastic. Make the overlap of the two pieces a little bit more than it was when you cut the pieces (again, this is for a snug fit).
Now run a line of stitching like so. Backstitch over your stitches and then forward again several times - this will make your stitching less likely to break under stress.

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