Name: Squeak

Nickname: none

Type: homemade

Favorite Color: "black like a night without stars :P"

Current Favorite Songs: "stupid question"

Favorite Food: "stuffed carrots? :P"

Favorite Snack Food: "ditto"

Favorite Drink: "can I say 'vodka'?"

Favorite Season: "rainy"

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Dreams of: being whole

Profile: Squeak is a very bitter little bunny. He was tossed out with the trash on account of being "defective"; he has no tail, a floppy ear, and is missing an eye. Jynx is determined to cheer him up, but he is just as determined not to be. "Blessed are those who hope for nothing, for they shall not be disappointed." But, he must still see something in her, because for all his cynical comments he sticks around . . .