Name: Ayaka (aka the owner)

Type: Human

Aesthetic: None

Wig: lots

Eye: default ^^;

Birthday: 12/02 (Sagittarius)

Contact: missayaka @ mac . com

Favorite Color: black or blue

Current Favorite Songs: Sunship Balloons by the Flaming Lips

Favorite Food: teriyaki steak at this one French restaurant in Kyoto

Favorite Snack Food: Puchirin Konpeito (though that's not really a snack food...)

Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew LiveWire

Favorite Season: fall

Favorite Posession: my boys :3 and girl!

Dreams of: moments of pure happiness

Profile: The poor sap who supports and documents "the kids'" lifestyle, that's all you need to know. ^.~; A sucker for a sweet face.