Name: Naoya

Nickname: Nao-kun

Type: School head A (pure skin) on Isao 2nd body

Aesthetic: faceup by me (ver. 1 faceup by Honey)

Eye: 18mm Volks Zoukeimura Neosium

Wig: LeeKe World L-026 in F20 (dark red).

Birthday: 12/14 (Sagittarius)

Age: 21

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Song: Love is Blind by Shiina Ringo (cover); Rewrite by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

Favorite Food: no data yet

Favorite Snack Food: no data yet

Favorite Drink: Apple Qoo

Favorite Season: winter

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Necklace : skull (transience)

Dreams of: finding something (or someone) worth believing in

Profile: Naoya's favorite pasttime is rubbing Akio the wrong way; he's very good at it (even though they actually like each other). He loves hitting on the ladies (and sometimes on the boys just to freak them out), but he never seems to take it that seriously either. He's a people person (most of the time) and loves to be adored. He left home as soon as he was old enough to legally do so and never looked back. Even though he likes to be surrounded by people, he doesn't like to rely on them even a little. He's not the type of person who wants anyone to get too comfortable in feeling they "know" him; he'll do something differently just to throw people off. He loves to shake things up whatever way he can. Often doesn't think things through; he just wants to live life for the sake of living and not worry about consequences. Naoya SAYS he doesn't remember anything about the past but that may be just a convenience since he remembers his half-brother quite well (as soon as he showed up, anyway) . . .

Quirks: Amnesia (?) and agoraphobia