Name: Malcolm

Nickname: Mal; "the chibi"

Type: MSD FCS F-09 head, L-02 leg, H-05 hand (adopted)

Aesthetic: custom faceup (by me)

Eye: Enchanted Doll Sweety #10 16mm high dome

Wig: Wing's Wig fur wig in brown 2

Birthday: 06/17 (Gemini)

Age: 10

Favorite Color: purple or blue

Favorite Song: Loop by Maaya Sakamoto

Favorite Food: grilled cheese sandwiches

Favorite Snack Food: Pixy Stix

Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke

Favorite Season: summer

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Necklace: star (pursuing wishes)

Dreams of: being taller than Naoya

Profile: Naoya's younger half-brother. They were raised separately and did not see each other for years. His family is wealthy but in the end he got kicked out of one too many prep schools and he mailed himself to Naoya. Most of the details of his past seem to be a mystery as he's extremely stubborn. He can disarm anyone with a smile just like his brother. He's almost as good at getting out of trouble as he is at getting into it. Mal seems like just a troublemaker but he's also very loving and gentle and he likes getting to be Jynx's "big brother".

Quirks: mischievous streak