Name: Jynx

Nickname: "Chibi-chibi-chan"; "baby monkey"

Type: —Yo-SD Rengemaru (girl)

Aesthetic: default

Eye: Enchanted Doll Sweety #45 14mm

Wig: LeeKe World L-061_D and L-045_D in #DF80 (pink)

Birthday: 9/13 (Virgo)

Age: 4

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Animal: bunny

Favorite Food: celery boats with peanut butter

Favorite Snack Food: puchirin konpeito

Favorite Drink: Shirley Temple

Favorite Season: no data yet

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Necklace: butterfly (new beginnings)

Dreams of: being President

Profile: Jynx's name is supposed to be unlucky; which is exactly why it's not. She doesn't really understand this, but she believes she's good luck. Jynx has the distinction of being the only girl around (much to Naoya's disappointment because she's underage). She's also by far the youngest, but had no trouble settling in because she's very outgoing and strong-willed. She and Malcolm have some "sibling" rivalry, but he likes to take care of her (and boss her around). But she likes to hang out with Akio the most; he doesn't say much, but she thinks he's the best for a snuggle. She likes exploring, being outdoors, and animals.

Quirks: too smart for everyone's good