Name: Hotaru

Nickname: "Hachi" / "Hatch" (by Dee)

Type: Seitenshi "Hikaru" from Volks Doll's Party NYC 2006

Aesthetic: OOAK default

Eye: 16mm default (smoke olive?)

Wig: white fur (made by me)

Birthday: 7/28/2006 (date of welcoming)

Age: unknown

Favorite Color: no data yet

Favorite Song: no data yet

Favorite Food: no data yet

Favorite Snack Food: no data yet

Favorite Drink: no data yet

Favorite Season: no data yet

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Necklace : no data yet

Dreams of: no data yet

Profile: Hotaru is a complete mystery. Malcolm found him and no one has been found to claim him, so he moved in. There's no way of finding out where he came from or why he has wings. Even his gender was a guess; Mal decided he looked stupid dressed as a girl, although Naoya wanted to declare him a girl on the basis of his pink wings. Gideon accused him of being closed-minded, Nao accused Dee of something else, and the whole matter had to be declared off-limits. Meanwhile, Jynx is thrilled with the idea of a younger sibling regardless of its gender and has taken the majority of responsibility for him.

Quirks: Doesn't speak