Name: Gideon Orville Darkly (Seishirou Yoshida)

Nickname: Dee; "Mister Snarkfabulous"

Type: SD16 ┬×Yukinojo Sawaragi

Aesthetic: custom faceup (by me), fake piercing

Eye: Enchanted Doll Sweety #10 16mm

Wig: W-102 in P2/100

Birthday: 1/26 (Aquarius)

Age: 26


Favorite Color: whatever attracts the most attention

Favorite Song: Doesn't Remind Me by Audioslave; Sunship Balloons by The Flaming Lips

Favorite Food: whatever isn't moving

Favorite Snack Food: whatever's closest

Favorite Drink: whatever's closest

Favorite Season: doesn't matter as long as he isn't too hot or too cold

Favorite Possession: his boots

Dreams of: taking over the world

Necklace: no data yet

Profile: "Gideon" is not his real name; on pressing, he says it's Seishirou Yoshida. But, he insists on being called Gideon. His personal history is unknown, because he tells a completely different story every time he's asked (so it's hard to know what, if anything, is true). He won't do anything the "normal" way; he dresses strangely, has unexpected outbursts, is always working on secret plans and projects, and sometimes refuses to wear shoes. He'll do just about anything for attention, and revels in being unpredictable and generally over-the-top. He tends to annoy the heck out of Akio and Naoya; Akio doesn't like drama queens and Naoya doesn't like being upstaged. Jynx and Malcolm, though, see him as "the fun uncle". For better or worse, he's often very childish.Sometimes he does get quite dark and serious; it's hard not to wonder if his innocent, cheery, slightly dimwitted exterior is just an act.

Quirks: short attention span; sudden mood swings; lives on Planet Gideon (he's self-centered)