Name: Drift

Nickname: no data yet

Type: SD13 FCS F-31 (long leg, F-02)

Aesthetic: default

Eye: 16mm Zoukeimura GE-25 (Sax Blue)

Wig: W-104D in B6 (Mix Ivory)

Birthday: 8/8 (Leo)

Age: no data yet

Favorite Color: no data yet

Favorite Song: Space Sonic - Ellegarden

Favorite Food: no data yet

Favorite Snack Food: no data yet

Favorite Drink: no data yet

Favorite Season: no data yet

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Necklace : turquoise and old silver (nostalgia)

Dreams of: no data yet

Profile: Drift is a famous artist who no one has heard of. The characters he created and sold to a corporation have worldwide popularity and are licensed on all kinds of items (but no one knows he's the one who created them). He was just out of college when he sold his rights and he's never fully recovered from the blow. He has all the money he could want but no happiness. He comes across very distant and sometimes very disagreeable but he can sometimes be very gentle with the people he cares about.

Relationships: Drift <--> Niamh (landlord's daughter)
Drift <--> Stellan (boyfriend)
Drift <-- Llyr
Drift <-- Hotaru

Quirks: no data yet