Name: Chance

Nickname: no data yet

Type: ócÇrÇc ÉAÉì (íjÇÃéq) Yo-SD Anne (boy)

Aesthetic: default

Eye: 14mm HG Cadet Blue

Wig: W-55C in 6 (dark brown)

Birthday: 5/3/2006 (Taurus)

Age: 4

Favorite Color: gray

Favorite Animal: cat

Favorite Food: no data yet

Favorite Snack Food: no data yet

Favorite Drink: no data yet

Favorite Season: no data yet

Favorite Possession: kitty hat

Necklace: dice (taking chances; fate)

Dreams of: no data yet

Profile: Chance is a slightly neurotic little boy. He loves to read books about all kinds of things, especially science. But as much as the world fascinates him, it scares him, too. He's a little too bright for his own good and is too aware of the dangers of the world. He's also shy and generally very quiet; except when he gets excited or nervous, when he can be prone to long-winded outbursts. Chance and Bubble are a perfect match because they're both afraid of nearly everything. Chance, however, is more stubborn and less hesitant than Bubble; so he's more likely to overcome his fears when the situation requires it. So, he's a brave little boy in his way; courage, after all, is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in spite of it. He is very protective of Jynx.