Name: Bubble

Nickname: none

Type: homemade

Favorite Color: no data

Current Favorite Songs: no data

Favorite Food: no data

Favorite Snack Food: no data

Favorite Drink: strawberry soda

Favorite Season: no data

Favorite Possession: no data yet

Dreams of: being a globe-trotting adventurer

Profile: Bubble may look like an octopus, but due to a sewing error when he was made, he only has seven tentacles; so, he's technically a septopus. He wears a muffler in all weather to hide the gap (and because he's paranoid about catching a cold). Bubble is rather neurotic; he has too many phobias to name. He finds the world a very scary place and tries to avoid it as much as possible. But, he secretly wants to be an adventurer and as a result is a voracious reader. He's quite smart and often has good insights on a situation (if he can get over his shyness enough to say anything). He's very fond of sitting on people's heads as he finds it comforting. And, as Jynx has pointed out, he's perfectly shaped to do so; she says he's like "putting on your thinking cap".