Name : Akio

Nickname: "the Man" (courtesy of his #1 supporter)

Type : SD13 Shiro Tachibana

Aesthetic : custom faceup by me

Eye : Zoukeimura GE-22 18mm

Wig : Luts DW-89 in brown

Birthday : 9/20 (Virgo)

Age : 19


Favorite Color : blue

Favorite Song : No Regrets by Oblivion Dust and Straight No Chaser by Bush

Favorite Food : pineapple

Favorite Snack Food : caramel corn Tohato

Favorite Drink : really cold water

Favorite Season : fall

Favorite Possession : Chococat plushie

Dreams of: being a stronger person

Necklace : Celtic knot (continuity)

Profile : Everyone tends to treat him like a kid since he has a baby face. But he's had a lot of hard times in his life and he's not as naive as they think. He's very quiet around people he doesn't know and usually chooses to feign tolerance around those he doesn't like - he doesn't figure they're even worth his anger. He doesn't trust easily or give away his true self to just anyone. He got recruited on the street to work as a model; he thinks it's stupid and doesn't know why anyone would want him for that kind of thing, but he doesn't object to it as long as he's making money and not expected to do much but stand there. He wants to be in a rock band but he's still learning to play the guitar. He's somewhat easily flustered so Naoya loves to tease and embarass him. But, he's stronger than he seems and doesn't care much what others think so he doesn't let it get him down for long.

Quirks: very easily embarrassed; dislikes being the center of attention