Notes: Well it seems like most families take group photos at the holidays, and I don't see why resin families shouldn't too. But since they usually come out a bit dreadful, I tried to be realistic, lol. (Resinites have the advantage of not blinking, but there are other ways for it to go pear-shaped.)

It's not so bad!

Top row L to R: Stellan (Sakaki), Drift (F-31), Akio (Shirou), Wren (Anais)
2nd row: Milo (F-08), Sahara (School C), Gideon (Yukinojo), Naoya (School A), Malcolm (F-09)
Bottom clump: Niamh (Chinatsu), Sprocket (Puki Piki), Jynx (Rengemaru girl) and Chance (Anne boy), Hotaru (Seitenshi), a moose.

But naturally there are outtakes . . .

It's about making memories, right?

Just the kids, a tradition in our (real) extended family . . .