After everyone had to strip down to their undies for my comparison photos, there was a big pile of clothing on the floor . . .

Ayaka: . . . well, I can see you've taken advantage of the situation to steal Gideon's clothes, Nao . . .

Naoya: What can I say, I'm an opportunist. Besides, it looks better on me.

Ayaka: Well, okay, the WIG looks better on you . . . but the clothes are a bit big.

Naoya: Growing room.

Ayaka: There are a lot of levels on which that statement is absurd, but I'm not going to bother.

Naoya: That's right, never argue with a man in a leather trenchcoat.

Gideon: It takes more than a leather trenchcoat to make a MAN, school boy.

Naoya: Did someone say something?

Gideon: What's the big idea?

Naoya: I'm sorry, you're very naked.

Gideon: Damn straight I am!

Gideon: Those are MY clothes. I've even got the papers to prove it.
Naoya: Are you accusing me of something? They were just lying on the floor. I don't see your NAME on them. Unless your name is "Volks". Volks Wagen perhaps?

Gideon: Fine, I'll just go find something else to wear.

Naoya: Yeah, you do that, please, or at least get your exhibitionist ass out of here. Could have at least covered yourself up.

Gideon: It's not MY fault I didn't come with underwear.

Naoya: Yeah, yeah, I'm not into naked men, so don't come back unless you're decent.

Ayaka: Nao, you know you're going to disappoint your fangirls saying things like that . . .

Naoya: I have fangirls?

Ayaka: I dunno, but I think so.

Naoya: In that case, tell the ladies I do requests.

Naoya: Ah, he's back . . .
Gideon: *mutter mutter* All I could find . . .
Naoya: Uh, I think you forgot something . . .

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