Naoya's original faceup was badly stained from wig wear and I finally got up the guts to repaint him. So, this is his first shoot with a new faceup. The lashes are temporary but the only spares I had. Shirt by me, jeans by Volks, shoes by Dollheart, wig by LeeKe, accessories by Volks and Luts.

Ayaka: Here, Naoya, I got you something.

Nao: . . .

Ayaka: . . . Should I pick a card?

Nao: Do I look like I know any bloody magic tricks? Abracadabra.
Ayaka: Dropping a deck of cards on the floor isn't much of a trick. You better pick those up.

Nao: "Not it".

Ayaka: . . . Nao, it doesn't work that way.

Nao: I'll only pick up the cards that are in my suite.

Ayaka: In your suite?

Nao: You know, my family . . . type of card. Which one am I . . .

Nao: Yes, I think I'm "hearts" . . .

Nao: Hmm . . . which one do you think? The ace of hearts . . . or the joker?

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