Broken Duets

Notes: I didn't exactly plan on having two arrivals so close together, but that's how it happened!

Naoya: What's this?

Akio: I dunno, it just got delivered.

Naoya: Ooh, maybe it's new clothes! Or shoes. Shoes would be good.

Akio: You always wear the same ones, anyway. :P

Naoya: Hey, no dissing a CLASSIC.

Akio: Whatever. Jrocker wannabe.

Naoya: I'm right here, I can hear you even if you use italics. :P

Naoya: Well, it's pretty small, so it can't be . . . you know . . . ANOTHER one.

Akio: You'd be amazed. =_=

Naoya: Come on, there's no way a doll could fit in there.

Akio: It's large enough . . . for a head . . .

Naoya: . . .

Jynx: ! It's here!

Akio: Huh?

Jynx: This is mine I'll be taking it now kthnxbai. *shove shove* Enh . . .

Akio: And to think, yesterday she was a little girl . . . now, she's shopping on the internet . . . it makes me verklempt.

Naoya: Um . . . do you need a hand with that?

Jynx: *pant pant* No . . . I can do it . . . *shove shove*

Akio: . . . Jynx --

Jynx: I'm good!

Naoya: Well, we don't have to tell her not to run with them.

Jynx: I don't need any help, I'll just be opening this box in here but you can't come in.

Naoya: Um . . . okay . . .

Akio: . . .

Naoya: . . . that was weird.

Akio: Story of my life.

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