My first shot at doing a "set" for photos. Gideon is sporting his new B. Pale Purple eyes and a kimono top and hakama by me (no I still can't figure out how to tie them properly). I don't have a miniature sake bottle, sorry, it must be off camera . . . I didn't take these photos with this song in mind, but it came on while I was processing them. I think it's not a sad or bitter song; he's wondering if love is a lie he tells himself, but at the same time isn't sure it matters.

Thumbnails link 640x480.

"Fool to Think" - Dave Matthews Band

look at me

dreaming of you

all i could hope is to have you

to have you walking with me

laughing, so in love, we two

almost drunkenly I did imbibe of this

fantasy of you only

was i a fool to think

the way you looked at me

i swear you did

but you looked away too quick

was i a fool

was i a fool to think

that you would take me home

as if i was yours

was i a fool to think at all?

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