Ayaka: . . . Nao . . . what are you doing . . .

Naoya: Sexifying your piano, what does it look like?

Ayaka: . . . my piano . . . is for *playing* not, "sexifying".

Nao: I can do that, too.

Ayaka: . . . you never told me that you played piano.

Nao: You didn't ask.

Ayaka: It's hard to look cool at a pianowhen you have to sit on phonebooks just to reach the keys, I'm impressed . . .

Nao: Dankeschoen.


Nao: So . . . what did you think, Ludwig-kun?

Ayaka: Nao . . . that's a bust.

Nao: So? I'm a doll.

Ayaka: =_= At least you didn't make a pervy joke.

Ayaka: How did you learn to play piano, anyway?

Nao: Well, honestly I don't remember anything specific before I came here . . . but I suppose I must have belonged to a terribly wealthy, terribly cultured family.

Ayaka: How did you come to *that* conclusion?

Nao: It's apparent, isn't it? How else would I have such good taste, good manners, and amazing talents? I probably had only the best of teachers and, of course, took to everything like a duck to water, given the genius that I am.

Ayaka: Your ego has grown SO much since you started getting out to meet other people.

Nao: I can't help it if I can work magic with the ladies.

Ayaka: Also, this is the last time I'm letting you borrow Akio's wig, I'm going to overdose on the attitude here. o_O;

Nao: It's only fair, you let him borrow my shirt.

Ayaka: If you're so talented, Nao, why don't you teach Akio to play piano?

Akio: Hey . . . how did I get involved in this?

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